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Individuals issued credentials in connection with a LIV Golf League event (“Credential Holders”) will be permitted to upload, tag, retransmit or otherwise make available (“post”) audio-visual content captured at events (“Content”) on social media platforms in accordance with these guidelines (these “Social Media Guidelines”).

In consideration for the issuance of credentials, Credential Holders agree to abide by these Social Media Guidelines.  Failure to abide by any of these Social Media Guidelines may result in suspension or revocation of credentials and immediate removal from the venue. 


  1. Credential Holders shall ensure that all Content complies with the terms of use of each applicable social media platform upon which it is posted.

  2. Content shall only be posted on the official social media accounts of Credential Holders and/or the bona fide media organizations with which Credential Holders have professional relationships.

  3. All Content shall include a tag, hashtag, caption, mention, link or other acknowledgement identifying LIV Golf as the original source of the Content.

  4. Content posted any time prior to the conclusion of the event shall be limited in duration to 60 seconds and shall not be presented in a manner that would reasonably constitute live, play-by-play coverage.

  5. Credential Holders may not live stream footage of the event at any time. 

  6. Credential Holders shall not enter in to any exclusive or preferential arrangement with any social media platform in relation to any Content.



  1. Content shall be for editorial purposes only, be free from commercial elements (other than normal commercial branding captured incidentally), including product placement, embedded marketing and endorsements, pre-roll, post-roll and in-video advertising, co-branding and sponsorship, and may not be used in a commercial manner.

  2. Content shall only feature or relate to LIV Golf League events and, for the avoidance of doubt, no other series or event hosted by an organization other than LIV Golf.

  3. Credential Holders shall not post any Content that is unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory, obscene, or invasive of another’s privacy



  1. In consideration for the issuance of credentials, Credential Holders agree and acknowledge that all rights in Content shall be assigned to and are the property of LIV Golf, though Credential Holders may use such Content as permitted by these Social Media Guidelines.  Credential Holders shall do such things and execute such documents as LIV Golf reasonably requests to effect LIV Golf’s ownership of such Content.  For the avoidance of doubt, as owner of the Content, LIV Golf shall have the right to use the Content as it sees fit, including through its own branded and operated digital and social media accounts.

  2. Upon LIV Golf’s request, Credential Holders shall promptly provide any Content to LIV Golf in any format reasonably requested.

  3. Credential Holders shall obtain any clearances, waivers, permissions or authorizations as are required or advisable for its use of Content produced pursuant to these Social Media Guidelines.

  4. Should LIV Golf determine that any Content violates these Social Media Guidelines, LIV Golf may issue a takedown request.  Credential Holders shall comply with such takedown requests promptly, and in any event, as soon as reasonably practicable.

QUESTIONS.  Please click here to contact the LIV Golf Communications Department with any questions regarding these guidelines.

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