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The following guidelines (these "Media Guidelines") have been developed to accommodate media outlets and assist with their coverage of the LIV Golf Invitational Series events. LIV Golf will issue credentials to approved individuals ("Credential Holders"), as determined in its sole discretion. LIV Golf reserves the right to approve or deny a credential request in whole or in part.

Compliance: Credential Holders agree to abide by these Media Guidelines. Failure to abide by any of the Media Guidelines may result in suspension or revocation of credentials and immediate removal from the venue.

Editorial Independence: For the avoidance of doubt, nothing in the present terms and conditions (or in any other document referred to herein) is intended to be, or shall be interpreted as, undermining or in any way restricting the editorial independence of Credential Holders or the party or parties on behalf of whom they are covering LIV Golf Invitational Series events, or restricting or preventing the exercise of normal journalistic activities in respect of those events, including expressions of views or comments.

Media Credential Holders also need to abide by the general ticket Terms and Conditions found at  To the extent there is a conflict between the terms of these Media Guidelines and the general ticket Terms and Conditions, the terms of these Media Guidelines shall prevail.


A.   Credentials are reserved for professional, working members of the press who represent a bona fide media organization.

B.   Credentials are limited to the duration of the event, are not transferable, and may be suspended or revoked by LIV Golf at any time in its sole discretion following an irremediable breach of these Media Guidelines by the Credential Holder including prior notice of an intention to suspend or revoke credentials.

C.   Credential Holders must clearly and visibly display credentials at all times during the event.


A.  Credentials do not imply any guarantee to access. LIV Golf reserves the right to determine on an event-by-event basis the specific areas of a venue that each Credential Holder may access.

B.   LIV Golf will provide limited inside-the-ropes access to Credential Holders at its sole discretion. Credential Holders must remain within an arm’s-length distance from the rope at all times while inside the ropes.

C.  Credential Holders are prohibited from accessing player locker rooms at all times.

D.  Credential Holders are expected to adhere to the event's spectator photo, video, audio, and personal conduct policies (the latter as provided in the General Ticket Terms and Conditions) at all times, unless otherwise permitted.


A.  Credential Holders must not distract or interrupt players during practice or competition at the event. To avoid distraction or disruption of a player’s stroke, Credential Holders must remain outside of a player’s direct line of vision and maintain an appreciable distance from players when working near tee boxes and greens.

B.   Credential Holders may not position themselves in the line of play or in a position that may disrupt a player, caddie, official, or event staff member. If requested to move by a player, caddie, official, or event staff member, the Credential Holder must do so without delay or discussion.

C.  Unless expressly pre-approved by LIV Golf, Credential Holders may not conduct an interview with a player until the player has signed his or her scorecard.

D.  Credential Holders are prohibited from requesting player autographs, personal photographs and videos, and player equipment at all times.


A.  Copyright in all material created by the Credential Holder will be owned by the Credential Holder or commissioning entity/employer, as the case may be. LIV Golf shall be entitled to make reasonable request to view  content captured at the event by the Credential Holder. Arrangements for the provision of such content, format and any terms of use by LIV Golf will be subject to separate supply agreements between LIV Golf and the Credential Holder or commissioning entity/employer, as the case may be.  Such agreements shall be agreed in good faith and upon fair and reasonable business terms, consent to use the content shall not be unreasonably withheld, delayed or conditioned.

B.  All content captured by the Credential Holder at the event is for editorial use only (regardless of platform). Content may be disseminated to third parties, including via distribution partners, for end-users’ editorial purposes. Content may also be used to promote the coverage by the Credential Holder or commissioning entity/employer, as the case may be of the LIV Golf event. All other uses are strictly prohibited.

C.  Credential Holders shall take reasonable steps to include an acknowledgement identifying LIV Golf as the event organizer.

D.  Credential Holders may not live stream footage of the event at any time.

E.  Subject to the terms of this section entitled ‘Editorial Independence’ above, should LIV Golf determine that use of content captured at the event violates these Media Guidelines, LIV Golf may issue a notification to the Credential Holder to comply with the Media Guidelines together with an explanation of the complaint. Where such a breach has taken place, Credential Holders must take steps promptly, and in any event, as soon as reasonably practicable, to rectify the breach.

F.  Mobile phones and other electronic devices must be kept in SILENT mode at all times at any venue at any time when play in a tournament (or related ceremony) is taking place.

G.  Credential Holders are prohibited from using strobe photography at all time.

H.  Each Credential Holder grants permission to LIV Golf and its media partners, licensees, and distributors to use their image and likeness as it may incidentally appear in any live or recorded transmission of the LIV Golf event.

I.  For Social Content of the event captured while on site under the terms of these Media Guidelines, Credential Holders and where appropriate commissioning entity/employer, shall use all reasonable endeavors to include the LIV Golf tag, hashtag, link, etc.


Credential Holders are prohibited from using the following items at all times absent the express written consent of LIV Golf:


A.  Individual golf carts and other similar motorized vehicles;

B.  Ladders and other similar items that provide an elevated viewing position;

C.  Drones and other similar remote control aircraft and small flying devices;
D.  All other non-industry standard equipment; and
E.  All other items listed in the event’s spectator policy.


Credential Holders (and their respective media organizations) assume all risks and dangers associated with the sport of golf and their attendance at the event, and waive and release LIV Golf and its employees, representatives, vendors, and the players from any and all liabilities and claims for damages, including all costs and expenses that may result from their attendance at the LIV Golf event. Credential Holders accredited by LIV Golf and where relevant the respective media organization which appointed them shall be jointly and severally liable and shall indemnify and hold harmless LIV Golf and its employees, representatives, vendors, and the players from any and all expenses, damages, and liabilities arising from any willful misconduct or negligence by the Credential Holder.


QUESTIONS: Please contact the LIV Golf Communications Department with any questions.

revised: 8/2/2022

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